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Vendor Managed Inventory

The use of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is gathering favourable recognition in many industries.  In fact, it has become the chosen method of conducting business for thousands of manufacturers, distributors, OEMs, retailers, and product users.

At Oden Services UK Ltd we believe that our Vendor managed inventory program can run independently of, or in tandem with your current supply chain model.  We hold an impressive inventory that is run by our bespoke software and warehousing system which gives us the ability to run detailed reports.

Contact us to learn how one of our VMI solutions can leave service organisations less exposed to the adversities of inventory ownership.

At Oden Services we have a team of experts in command of the inventory management  and they constantly monitor stock levels, usage trends, logistics, repairs and lifecycle management.

Our inventory management solutions means that organisations can take advantage of comprehensive stock levels without the initial procurement outlay and logistics expense.  With the ability to call off inventory when required, parts can be dispatched to cover all SLA’s. 

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